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Keep Your Equipment Running At Its Best

With Triple A Supplies Preventative Maintenance Program, you can prevent unnecessary downtime by making sure your equipment is running at its maximum potential.


  • Safer and Quieter Operation with Improved Dust Control.
  • Reduce Slip and Fall Accidents with Consistent Water and Debris Pick-up.
  • Enhance Your Facilities Image with Consistent Cleaning.
  • Get the Maximum Life Out of Your Expensive Equipment.

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  • Multi Point Inspection

  • Batteries filled to proper level, tops & caps cleaned

  • Battery connections checked, cleaned and tightened

  • Test of all electrical switches and/or buttons

  • Visual belt inspection and adjustment if needed

  • Drive checked for alignment and wear

  • Splash aprons inspected

  • Vacuum motors cleaned and checked

  • Wheels and casters inspected and lubricated

  • Brush operation checked

  • Hoses checked for excessive wear and tear and tightened

  • Squeegees checked and properly adjusted

  • Tanks and valves cleaned and tested for leaks

  • Overall machine performance test for efficient operation

  • Visually examine bearings

  • Cords inspected for safety, fraying and cracking


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